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19 February 2018

TLS Load Balancing the JSON RPC Interface of Monero Without Wrecking Authentication

One of the key elements of Ablative Hosting is that it will primarily use cryptocurrencies so it can't have it's funding sources pulled as happened to FetLife.

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07 February 2018

Disregarding Open Source Licenses Is Bad For Your Apps Security

Last week Matt Hancock, the Minister for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport launched an app.

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16 September 2017

Blockchain, Crypto, Sharing, Malware - Fear Of The Internet Will Kill It

In the past week I've been in several discussions on Twitter regarding the 'crisis' of Cyber crime, the 'problems' with the 'legitimacy' of blockchains, the 'respect' of copyright, Governments claims of a desire for a 'liberal, open, free and safe' Internet, then on Friday someone attempted to detonate an IED, talking heads and the papers were quick to condemn the Internet.

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10 July 2017

Continuous Deployment with OpenBSD, Ansible and Gitlab CI Runners

CI/CD is something that many organisations aspire to but the idea of "flicking the switch" inspires dread. With my latest little project I decided that I would do CI/CD from the very start to prevent the fear of automated deploys

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