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28 June 2017

GPG Key Rotation and MX Migration

The GPG key that I've been using (648A D02C B24B FE36 D601 C976 AD43 71CA DE73 1050) was created on January 15th 2014. In that time it has migrated between 3 laptops, an Intel NUC and has been stored on several encrypted USB pens.

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20 May 2017

Automating BGP on OpenBSD with Ansible

BrassHornCommunications is 99% OpenBSD and in January Vultr announced support for OpenBSD virtual machines, not only that but they also support BGP peering from virtual machines!

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24 April 2017

Automating LetsEncrypt Certificates and OpenBSD's HTTPD using Ansible

My newest side project involves the configuration of OpenBSDs HTTPD(8) to serve a clients domain via plain HTTP and via TLS using an automatically provisioned LetsEncrypt certificate.

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28 September 2016

Hacking Around with AirSerbia's InFlight WiFi

DISCLAIMER:I use the word 'hacking' in the truest sense, I didn't probe the plane network or attempt to get anywhere I wasn't supposed to. I simply captured / repeated traffic that my browser would have been sending if sat on the Captive Portal landing page

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