Networks Are Made Of String

Networks, DevOps, InfoSec & Internet Freedom


In true geek fashion I have hundreds of little projects that never got past the 'I wonder if it could be made to do this' stage. Some of them have escaped in the big nasty world of the Internet.

A lot of the projects are small micro-electronics, Android or LAMP stuff. Occasionally I'll set off on a bizarre networking project such as routing a SIXXS tunnel through an ASA 5510 then a 2611XM to broadcast IPv6 free WiFi to the neighbourhood via a Raspberry PI.

Most of my code is available on GitHub;

Noteworthy projects;

Android App for Zenoss

Android Client for OpsCodes Chef

Android App for Pulsants Portal Airsofter Skirmisher Database

Airbana World Wide Airsoft Maps

A Graphite to Zenoss Bridging Script

Visualising the Twitter Firehose with DataSift

Cross Platform Left4Dead server log parser

An Android GUI for DataSift CSDL

Android App for creating NFC Conversations