Networks Are Made Of String

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My name is Gareth Llewellyn and I'm the Head of Networks at REDACTED. I design, deploy and maintain a network that spans 4 data centers in two countries comprising of Arista 7050/7048 switches, Cisco 6500s, ASRs and ASAs to support the DataSift platform. I also regularly work with software such as nginx, apache, haproxy, Varnish, mySQL, Redis, Hadoop (HDFS & HBase), Zookeeper, kafka, zeroMQ and others on a variety of server hardware all managed by Chef in order to handle the workload of filtering, augmenting, delivering and storing multiple simultaneous real time data streams such as the Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr Sina & other social media firehoses to customers all over the world.

In my spare time I do a bit of programming, most of the Android apps I write are geared towards Network and Systems Administration. The projects page lists some of them and works in progress can be found at

My GPG keys can be found at

My Twitter account is @NetworkString

I don't do Facebook.