Ansible Playbook for the Dark.Fail Onion Mirror Guidelines

Dark.Fail is a dual stack (clearnet + .onion) website whose stated purpose is “to compile a list of ‘official’ .onion links to serve as an anti phishing resource”.

To aid in their (and everyone’s) ability to confirm if a given .onion mirror is legitimate or not the Dark.Fail website has proposed the “Onion Mirror Guidelines”.

This blog post discusses the OMG and Ablative’s OMG Ansible role that is available on Ansible Galaxy.

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Onion Only IRCd - Part 1

Since the early days of QuakeNet I’ve always wanted to run an IRC server but I’ve never had a real reason to do so. With Ablative Hosting starting to gain traction I’ve found that some people don’t want to send an email to ask a question or get support. It seems I now have my reason.
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Routing Microservice Metrics over Tor

A discussion around Plumbago a small graphite tor proxy that forwards Graphite line protocol metrics to a Tor hidden service
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Using Tor Hidden Services and GPG to Create Difficult to Attack Offsite Backups

Backups are very useful and in the event of fire or theft it is very useful to have them offsite, however offsite backups leave your data at risk of compromise if the offsite storage is attacked. To prevent an attacker from locating your offsite backup (e.g. if you were backing up your laptop whilst in a hotel) and preventing theft of the data in the event the location is discovered one can use Tor and GPG.
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